Agile creative thinking methods

Learning to climb

Did it ever happen to you that

  • In the retrospective no one raises any core issues that bothers them?
  • The team is stuck when thinking new ideas?
  • You can’t get to a breakthrough or innovative ideas?
  • You are demanded to bring “out of the box” thinking, but how  can you get there?
  • You’ve heard so many times negative voices like: This won’t work... it’s too’s just a bad idea


Boaz is an Agile coach with who has developed methodologies in the field of creative thinkingand graphic facilitation. He uses creative methodologies to inspect and identify the solutions that best suit your organization. In un-traditional implementations - He'll be your go-to-guy

In this workshop you’ll learn the following:

  • Creative Story Telling
  • Discover the method of real agile thinking.
  • Don’t get stuck in thinking methods that are linear and are “head to the wall” types that use your objecting consciousness, rather learn to bypass and to think of your team and individual thinking process as a stairway that is to be climbed.
  • The course is based on an original methodology by DR.David Berkovic and by Boaz Fine, and it is a unique and wild combination between organizational psychology and  the world of creative agencies.
  • The course is fun and energetic, you think outloud, you laugh, draw and unleash total creativity.
  • You’ll even get to create your own children’s book in practice.
  • You will learn a new language that will change the way you imagine.

Learning Objectives:

  • reduce thinking time
  • learn to avoid and treat judging voices in your team
  • encourage silent members
  • experience the power of leading a creative discussion
  • most important – it will unleash unbelievable creative forces in you and in your team.


  • Brush your teeth


  • What makes our mind get stuck?
  • Understand the purpose of bad ideas,
  • learn methods to bypass our consciousness: visualization, peacefull mind
  • learning to climb
  • learning to fly (one step further)
  • workshop – implementing on a team creative project.
  • image image
  • Instructor Boaz Fine
  • Upcoming

    20-21 Dec 2020    -    Israel

  • Duration 2 Days
  • Telephone +972-52-3393384
  • Time 09:30 - 17:00
  • Who should attend?

    Scrum Masters | Product Owners | Team Leaders | Team Members| Managers

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