Communication Skills


If only every misunderstanding and every dialog within our surrounding would be that easy to understand and transparent to observe, no lawyers would ever be needed.

Non-violent communication is respectful, attentive, open, calling for cooperation and meant to improve compassionate connection to others.


The nature of life is uncertainty.

In this day and age, all emotions are intensified by the social climate these special times have created, including worrying, anxiety, fear, frustration and helplessness. 

Working from home creates further distancing and adds more obstacles to our ability to effectively communicate with one another.


Attention and time are limited, information is overwhelming.

As an organization, we need to maximise our natural abilities and improve performance. 

Communication skills are as powerful as knowledge


Who will be your instructor?

The workshop will be held by Liliya R. Friedman, Organizational and Personal coach.

Liliya specializes in Executive and Personal mental training and uses coaching & mentoring practices to improve communication and managerial skills, which in turn lead to professional and personal excellence. 

Liliya holds a BSc in Software (Information systems) Engineering and Coaching Training in Satya Method by “Emotion”.


What is the duration of the course?

1 day (8 hours)

What is included?

  • 1 day course, which is presented in an experiential manner and accompanied by personal, group and collaborative exercises.
  • Includes a light breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack
  • Presentation of the course
  • Summary of the course (including theoretical material, tips and tools)

What are the courses outline? 

  • Understand different aspects of non-violent communication (listening levels)
  • Locus of control - find out how your reactivity related to our own bodily felt sense.
  • Become aware of our automatic responses and ways to transform them.
  • Improve performance via effective & cooperative relationships
  • Ways to develop resilience to cope with organizational or personal conflicts and complicated situations.

It’s an interactive workshop, accompanied by simulations and examples from real life situations.

This training is available as

Personal coaching, In-company training, public workshop, online workshop

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  • Instructor Boaz Fine
  • Duration 1 Day
  • Telephone +972-52-3393384
  • Time 09:30 - 17:00
  • Who should attend?

    Team members | Managers| Communication & Change Agents | Anyone who wants to improve his/her collaboration, strengthen their working relationships, and achieve engagement and passion for generating new ideas

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