Management 3.0 Fundamentals Online Workshop

 Applied practices for agile leaders to create high-performing self-organizing teams

Working in remote teams has become routine, and there are many work practices. Some were acquired from experience and some through orderly learning.

But slowly the level of connectedness begins to decline and teams that do not experience independence become dependent or dysfunctional.

Our ability to retrospect, motivate, and increase productivity through independence and agility requires applied practices.



Management 3.0 gives you - Agile leaders and managers -  applied practices to create independent teams:

  • Enable teams to make independent decisions and take responsibility for them
  • Operate more efficiently, quickly, independently
  • Selection of levels of delegation
  • Encouraging motivation
  • Promote continuous learning & improvements
  • Refining the set of roles within the team, and between the team and the manager and leader
  • Providing effective feedback
  • Facilitation of remote meetings


This workshop brings all the capabilities and practices of Mgmt3.0 in an age of remote teams.

The modules we will go through in the workshop are:

  1. Management and Leadership 
  2. Principles of Management 3.0
  3. Complexity Thinking
  4. Motivation and Engagement
  5. Delegation and Empowerment
  6. Remote Teams 
  7. Better Feedback
  8. Success and Failure


Participating in this workshop gives you:

  1. International certification of management organization 3.0

Fundamentals Online Workshop

Additional benefits for workshop participants:

  1. A personal follow-up meeting to deepen and refine specific challenges
  2. VIP entrance ticket to the Beyond Agile Israel 2021 conference on 31.1.21


About the trainers

Limor Halfon is a managing partner at Ajimeh Consulting, an organizational consultant and agile coach.
Has extensive managerial, organizational and systemic experience in the high-tech industry.

Limor has accompanied the implementation of Agile / Scrum / SAFe in large organizations, as well as in small and medium-sized organizations, and delivers many and varied trainings on issues related to accompanying change and successful implementation.

In the past, Limor worked for about 14 years in the building, developing and managing software testing, automation, technical support, IT, and project management departments.

She has a wide and creative view and ability to create interpersonal connections that also lead to thorough and lasting processes.

Limor graduated MBA and management consulting from Haifa University, BA in Economic and Software Engineering from the College of Management.
Limor is a Certified Management 3.0 Trainer, Certified Scrum Master, Product Owner and Certified SAFe Agilist.


Boaz Fine is a managing partner at Ajimeh Consulting, a visual facilitator and an Agile coach.

Boaz developed methodologies in the field of creative thinking and graphic facilitation. He uses creative methodologies to inspect and identify the solutions that best suit your organization
Has entrepreneurial experience, leading creative and productive processes.

Boaz accompanied Agile / Scrum implementations in various organizations and accompanied product and conceptual processes.

Boaz is a  Certified Management 3.0 Trainer and a Professional Scrum Master.








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  • Instructor Limor Halfon, Boaz Fine
  • Upcoming

    ONLINE Course 7-8 March 2021

    ONLINE Course 25-26 April 2021
    ONLINE Course 14-15 June 2021
  • Duration 2 online sessions, total: 10 hours
  • Telephone +972-52-3393384
  • Time 09:00 - 14:30
  • Who should attend?

    managers, leaders and senior professionals who want to learn about how to manage Agile organizations.

    People who want to grow a great Agile organization, who want to prepare their organization for the future!.

    Professionals who often attend the workshop are team leaders, managers, Agile coaches, Scrum masters, Project managers, Product owners, Senior team members, and Top-level management.

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