Negotiation Skills in the Agile World Featured

 “Never negotiate out of fear and never fear to negotiate”

What are the courses outline? 

Practical negotiation gambits in an Agile world and beyond it. 

  • Understand the required mindset
  • Negotiation Gambits
  • Persuading Gambits
  • Influence Techniques



Ability to let go of your ego.

Familiarity of an Agile environment - Advantage


  • Scrum in 60 minutes
    • Formal events (Daily, Planning, Review, Retrospective, Refinement)
    • Informal events (Apres Daily, Futurspective, NAM, …)
    • Formal roles (Scrum master, Product Owner, Development team)
    • Informal roles (Manager, Stakeholder, user)
    • Artifacts (Product backlogs, Sprint Backlog, Increment) 
    • Informal artifacts (Release backlog, Team backlog, Bug backlog, visual board)

  • The type of tensions and the reasons behind it between the roles of Scrum  
  • The six laws of influence
    • Scarcity 
    • Reciprocity
    • Authority
    • Likability
    • Social proof
    • Commitment & consistency 
  • The Five Underlying mind set types 
    • You are negotiating all the time
    • Everything you want is owned or controlled by someone else
    • There are predicable responses that you can count on in the negotiating process
    • There are three critical factors in every negotiation--power, information, time
    • The proper "mesh" of personality types is important to negotiating success
  • The Three Underpinnings of "Win/Win" Negotiating
    • Never narrow negotiations down to just one issue
    • Different people want different things
    • Price is not always all-important
  • The Five Things That Make a Good Negotiator
    • Knowing that both sides are under pressure so you don't feel intimidated
    • Wanting to learn negotiating skills
    • Understanding negotiating skills
    • Being willing to practice
    • Wanting to create "win/win" negotiating situations
  • The Eight Kinds of Power
    • Title power
    • Reward power
    • Punish power
    • Reverent power
    • Charismatic power
    • Expertise power
    • Situation power
    • Information power
  • How to Gather Information
    • Ask open-ended questions
    • Repeat statements as questions
    • Ask for response
    • Ask for restatements
    • Ask others who seal with your opponent
    • Ask your opponent's subordinates
    • Mix your company's specialists with their specialists
  • Negotiating Gambit
      • The Nibble
      • The Hot Potato
      • The Higher Authority Gambit
      • The Set-Aside Technique for avoiding impasse
      • Use arbitrators to break deadlocks
      • Good Guy/Bad Guy
      • Feel, Felt, Found formula
      • Dumb is smart; smart is dumb
      • The Flinch
      • The Vise technique
      • The Printed Word technique
      • The Withdrawn offer
      • The Fait Accompli
      • The Funny Money gambit
      • The Red Herring
      • The Puppy Dog Technique
      • Reluctant Buyer/Reluctant Seller
      • The Want-It-All technique
      • Negotiation Gambits
      • Shock Them 
      • Adjourning 
      • “You’ll Have to do Better Than That” 
      • Forcing the Issue 
      • Diversionary Tactics
      • Salami 
      • Vague authority  
  • Rules and Principles
    • Never say "Yes" to first offer
    • The Call Girl principle (value of services diminishes rapidly after services are performed)
    • Always maintain your "walkaway power"
    • Make a big deal of any concession you make, and get a counter-concession for doing so
    • Don't be the first to name a price
    • Position opponents for easy acceptance
    • Be the one who writes the contract
    • Make your offers low but flexible
    • Never be the one to offer to "split the difference." Get opponent to make the offer to you
    • 80% of concessions are made in the last 20% of the time--so don't "leave details" till later
    • The person under the greatest time pressure generally loses in negotiations
    • Never reveal it if you have a deadline
    • Don't negotiate on the phone (you can't read your opponent's body language)
    • Watch for sudden changes in body language, rather than just the body language itself
  • Simulations
    Simulating all kind of techniques based on real day to day scenarios:
    • Product Owner wants from the team to do more
    • Product Owner wants from a team member to add more content to a user story
    • Product Owner wants from the Dev team to add more user stories
    • Scrum Master wants the team to take less while the Product Owner wants them to take more
    • Debating on an estimation of a user story
    • Many many more!

This training is available as

Personal coaching, In-company training, public workshop

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  • Instructor Danny Kovatch (AKA Danko)
  • Upcoming

    31 May 2020 - Israel

    As part of Ajimeet Week!

  • Duration 1 Day
  • Telephone +972-52-3393384
  • Time 09:30 - 17:00
  • Who should attend?

    Team members, Managers, Project managers, Scrum masters, Agile coaches


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