The manager in the Agile world

The challenges of the managers in the Agile world are many and complicated.
Most of them can no longer lean on the historical managing authority in order to motivate, make decisions or solve conflicts and therefore often feel redundant/useless. They are not sure what is their added value and therefore needs to acquire new skills that will assist them and their team to achieve success in other ways. They need to Reinvent their role in becoming Enabling Managers. Enabling their employees to feel meaningful, to express their thoughts,  to realizing their capabilities and fulfill themselves.
This course aims to develop scrum masters or team managers with these needed practical tools and skills.


Limor is an Organizational consultant and Agile coach, with vast experience in the Hi-tech industry.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How to motivate effectively team members or employees in the Agile environment - using interpersonal skills instead of authority.
  2. How to increase the team's outcome, while reducing pressure and increasing self esteem and self-fulfillment.
  3. How to create an open and creative environment that allows and even invites diversity of opinions and thoughts.
  4. Mutual, effective decision making tools
  5. Inter communication skills between all parties, that enhance cooperation and strengthen relationships
  6. Conflict solving in a peaceful manner
  7. Understanding our new role as managers - Coaching and Enabling it all.
  8. How all the above translates into corporate and team engagement !

What is the גuration of the course?

The Course is a 2 days class from 9AM-5PM, a light breakfast is served at 8:30AM and Lunch is provided mid-day.

What is included?

  • 2 days Course, which is presented in an experiential manner and accompanied by personal, group and collaborative exercises.
  • Includes a light breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack provided on both days of training
  • Presentation of the course
  • Summary of the course (including theoretical material, tips and tools)

What are the courses outline?

Formulating our vision as managers

    • Designing our optimal vision as managers
    • Describing our needs and challenges
    • Recognizing our assets and values

How to raise performance, increase motivation and strengthen the engagement to the team and the organization

    • What does engagement mean today?
    • What employees are looking for in a job today?
    • What are their needs?
    • What motivates them and us all- a peak to the Adlerian psychology
    • What is the connection between engagement and fulfillment?
    • What constitutes a sense of belonging by the Adlerian Psychology ?
    • How can we fulfill it as managers

How to use positive psychology

    • What is the role of the manager in creating engagement?
    • Why is it so important to recognize the capabilities and strengths of each team member and how to do it?
    • Practical tools to increase self esteem and sense of value
    • Learning useful practical theoretical models aiming at dividing roles according to strengths

How to encourage creativity and an innovation environment

    • Understanding and practicing subjective thinking
    • Realising it’s ok and even important to disagree
    • Acquiring tools that will assist us deal with differences and their Implications such as fear for self esteem damage
    • Acquiring practical model for collecting ideas and conflict solving

How to motivate in matrix management: by strengthening relationships, providing value and encouragement, rather than using authority

    • What is a good relationship?
    • How can we improve relationships?
    • What would it look like in the workplace?
    • Acquiring skill aiming at giving value, empathy and necessity to those around us
    • Learning and practicing Simon Sinek's “Start with why model- to inspire everyone to take action”

Effective Interpersonal communication, Conscious listening and other tools for improving relationships and cooperation

    • What exist in good communication?
    • What are the obstacles to effective communication?
    • Learning and practicing tools for effective communication
    • Learning and practicing conscious listening

Making decisions - understanding the truth beneath the surface

    • Understanding what really makes it difficult for us to take a decision
    • Receiving tools to overcome barriers and take effective personnel decisions
    • “The Inheritance Game” - will help us understand what makes it so complicated taking mutual decisions
    • Acquiring models and tools for making shared decisions optimally

Summary and goals ahead

    • Summering insights and thoughts
    • Listing skills we need to keep or improve
    • Building personal goals for further improvement



Being a manager - Advantage

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  • Instructor Limor Halfon
  • Duration 2 Days
  • Telephone +972-52-3393384
  • Time 09:30 - 17:00
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