Visual facilitation

Did it ever happen to you that

  • After a successful meeting people didn’t know or didn’t remember how to contiunue even though action items were very clear/
  • You observed that people in meetings are not alligned with the discussion
  • Participants in a workshop, meeting or presentation understood completely different things from the content intended and one from another?
  • meetings were stuck, no new ideas emerged
  • There was no clarity of the way that led to conclusions


Boaz is an Agile coach with who has developed methodologies in the field of creative thinkingand graphic facilitation. He uses creative methodologies to inspect and identify the solutions that best suit your organization. In un-traditional implementations - He'll be your go-to-guy


Learn to visualize and facilitate any creative process. Visual maps are a strong and effective way to lead and participate in any creative process. it allows you to intuitively glide through the process, see it progress and the most agile of ways. Visual mapping helps mediate ideas and capture them.

Every important thought is scribbled and is a base for the next thought to be built upon it, thus creating a fluent, rhythmic, fun and rapid process. processes and meeting that are visually mapped are easy to remember and extract tasks from. The visual mapping produces strong memory triggers that lay out a path to continue.

While the course involves drawing or rather scribbling, you will realize that it doesn’t take a master illustrator to participate in it. In fact, you don’t need ANY prior experience in illustrating or scribbling for it. As long as you have hands and/or fingers and/or feet you’ll handle the process great. You’ll be even taught as a bonus some great easy scribbling practices that will enlighten and surprise your friends and colleagues.

In this workshop you’ll learn the following:

  • Capture and reflect ideas in creative and brainstorming sessions
  • Learn to conduct a fruitful discussion or process
  • Learn to create focus, flow and a mutual language in any session
  • Create alignment, reflection, remembrance and continuity


  • Reduce barriers in communication
  • Improve thinking and creative skills
  • improve presentation skills
  • learn to present your ideas in an energetic and clear way
  • learn to create your last moment ideas intuitively and spontaneous way
  • learn to improvise
  • Use visual methods to improve seminars, products, and creative meetings
  • Learn to facilitate your thought and your teams thoughts


Any one who would like to enhance his facilitation with graphic facilitation

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn facilitating any creative process to be  easy and clear
  • practice methods for visual concepting
  • handle visual templates
  • portray ideas, use creative thinking methods
  • learn an agile, quick creative way to manage a brainstorm session


Brush your teeth


Day 1

  • Visual foundation and having fun
  • typography
  • symbols, frames
  • characters
  • composition


day 2

  • Process visualization and getting crazy
  • live work
  • dream catching
  • creative facilitation
  • Tricks for live work
  • Storytelling
  • image image
  • Instructor Boaz Fine
  • Upcoming

    26-27    Nov    -    Israel

  • Duration 2 Days
  • Telephone +972-52-3393384
  • Time 09:30 - 17:00
  • Who should attend?

    Scrum Masters | Agile Leaders| Product Owners | Team Leaders 

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