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While it is obvious that each and every company has competitors, since Ajimeh is starting something new by combining all kind of "martial arts" into one, we did not find any other company that does the similar.

​Nevertheless, similar (again) to martial arts, in each field there are several major key players.

As surprise as it may sound, we urge to work with coopetitions (businesses that engage in both competition and cooperation are said to be in coopetition)

We want to do it, not only because we believe it is the best for market, and not only because we believe that all of the coopetitions can benefit from it, we consider the people with coopetition with us as friends first.

Therefore, first thing for sure, we are not enemies since we know that we can all compete with each other in a respectable and dignified way and even to cooperate and share knowledge.

As derived from it, you will start noticing all kind of activities that we will do, for the benefit of all parties.

Some of them out public (like mutual meetups and mutual workshops and more), and some of them within "our quarters" (like developing new materials. sharing useful information like interesting links or reasonable hotels to have courses in the world, debating regarding new ideas and more).

We believe that transparency and respect  are not only terms that are being learned in Agile workshops, but also a way of doing things.

Therefore,  here the list of the major significant key players in the "fields of knowledge" that Ajimeh is "playing".

All of them are professionals.

All of them are friends.


We help enterprises as well as startups build the needed mindset and process to deliver on time, frequently and with better value. We are a group of leading experts in Agile/Lean/Business solutions.

WeChange's experts have experience in training, consulting, coaching and implementation ranging from startups to bigger companies in a variety of industry segments.


Dr. Agile’s secret sauce for leading the transformation of organizations to Business Agility is our multifunctional team work. We are a balanced mix of senior coaches, DevOps, team-coaches, TDD experts, and tool support agilists.

Our coaching teams have transformed a large mix of companies – software & hardware, Medical, enterprises and startups, IT, FinTec and more.

Visit our website dr-agile.com or our Linkedin page Dr Agile or contact Dr. Dror Zernik This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +972-52-830599


At Agile Spirit we believe in bringing a disruptive mindset and behavior transformation the way any kind of project is achieved, bringing success and happiness to the individual employee, the team and the organization as a whole.

We are challenging the way people work, organizations function and products are made through personal mentoring, artifacts and tools precise adaptation and through processes and procedure tailored to the exact needs and constraints of our clients.


Practical Agile helps our clients develop products that customers love and employees love to develop.

We do this through Agility, excellence in process, engineering-practices and learning-culture.

Partnering with us in your Agile journey will help you achieve the success you are looking for by becoming a learning organization that continuously delivers valuable products and maintains technical excellence and high level of Agility.

Practical Agile was created, and is still run, from passion. Here's why we created this company in the first place

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