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Boaz Fine

Boaz is an Agile coach with who has developed methodologies in the field of creative thinking and graphic facilitation. He uses creative methodologies to inspect and identify the solutions that best suit your organization. In un-traditional implementations - He'll be your go-to-guy


He will facilitate any workshop, lecture, meeting  or brainstorm - executing imagination on the content - creating clear, efficient and extremely fun visual maps.

With great experience of animation, illustration, directing, writing & concepting, Boaz has a passion to visualize any idea, and - yes - that is a challenge!

Boaz Fine is the founder of Visual Minds - a pioneer company in the field of graphic facilitation, mass brainstorming, visual content mapping - That has merged into Ajimeh, combining forces to yield greater ability.

Married to an amazing wife with 3 amazing kids, he is currently doing the dishes, so please hold any calls.

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